The only one in apprenticeship and winning two races the week before was Jefferson Diaz. Although, the professional jockey Jean Carlos Rodriguez, also doubled.
With the triumphs of the Gran Fortuna mare, in the third Sunday and the Navegante colt, in the eighth second valid race of the 5y6 Nacional, the rookie reached 11 lauros in the current season and stands out as to increase his record in 2021. A J Díaz, signed 6 mounts on Sunday June 20.
Jefferson is tied in seventh place in the jockeys statistics with Jean Carlos Rodríguez, who must serve a six-month sanction, according to the resolutions published by the Collegiate Body of Commissioners of the National Institute of Racetracks, in La Rinconada. Let’s see how in excellent driving the apprentice who is in Fashion in the car oval, managed to solve the inconveniences and imposed the exemplary Navigator, from the stable of Veteran Fernando Parilli.

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