Fernando Parilli crowned two lauros

He presented eight copies in the week and visited the winner's park on two consecutive occasions.
Coach Fernando Parilli achieved 20 wins in the 2021 harvest and every week he gets closer to the leaders. He is tied for third place in the statistic still dominated by Nelson Castillo with 24 photos. Juan Carlos García Mosquera, also has 20 wins, because he won with the Great Fortuna, in the third Sunday.
In the first valid of the 5y6, the seventh race on June 20, the trainer Parilli Padre saddled Lujuria, a 3-year-old filly who won her first competition in two competitions led this time by the jockey Keihton Natera. He came from his premiere test arriving instead of escort, a match in which Mi Chiquitina won by more than seven pitches.
The other celebration of the famous trainer, was with Navegante, a three-year-old colt that responded very well to the commands of the apprentice Jefferson Díaz, and in his sixth presentation, he achieved his first victory to the satisfaction of the owners of Stud Los Samanes Racing, the same breeders of the Slewbop's grandson. The race looked very exciting in the final stages. Sprinter Papa Suu, seemed to prevail from end to end, but lost an incredible race.
Coaches statistics
Nelson Castillo, who must serve a sanction for more than 720 days, still leads the statistics with (24). Ramón García Mosquera has 23 photos, while with 20 victories, the trainers are tied for third place: Juan Carlos García Mosquera and F. Parilli. In fourth place and with 14 visits to the winners' venue they appear; Luis Peraza, Fernando P. Tota and Rubén Lanz. The fifth place is solo by coach Radamés Santamaría, he achieved a victory and reached 13 this 2021.
Fernando Parilli won the Great Simón Bolívar International Classic Event with Apistos in the 2020 campaign.
Let's look at the race he won last Sunday from the Lust game.

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